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Fable provides excellent teaching resources for Teachers
Fable provides excellent teaching resources for Physics Teachers
Fable provides excellent teaching resources for Maths Teachers
Fable provides excellent teaching resources for Chemistry Teachers is a unique new online service that which provides a searchable library of 1500 great interactive resources for teaching physics.

The internet is a treasure trove for physics teachers but it is difficult to find useful applets, simulations and videos because the search engines are made for text. In we've addressed this by providing a searchable library of all the best interactive resources and videos. We've added all our award winning content and provided a FREE lite version. To sign up visit for A-level Physics, GCSE Physics and IB Physics is a new online learning site for AS/A2 Maths Mechanics M1.

A-level Mathematics students often find the Mechanics M1 module challenging because they encounter many new abstract concepts that are difficult to grasp from text examples alone. provides hundreds of interactive models that help the learner visualise and understand M1 concepts. To sign up for a trial visit for A-level Maths Mechanics M1

Odyssey is a new chemistry software title that covers most of the concepts required for A-level and IB chemistry. With engaging 3D molecular models and simulations, it provides a facinating insight into the molecular world. Odyssey has over 200 interactive tutorials that make it suitable for independent learning as well as classroom demonstration. To download a trial visit Odyssey for A-level Chemistry

Interactive Physics is a powerful and intuitive program for teaching and learning Physics.

Interactive Physics is a powerful and intuitive two dimensional physics modelling software program that allows students to learn through building and using interactive simulations. It comes with a ready made library of 100 examples for A-level and GCSE physics. For more information and a demo visit Interactive Physics for A-level Physics

IP Maths is an incredibly useful resource for teaching and learning A-level Maths Mechanics M1-M5.

IP Maths, or Interactive Physics for Maths Mechanics, is a version of Interactive Physics which is made for the A-level Mathematics Mechanics Modules. It comes with a library of example models that demonstrate almost all M1 to M5 mechanics concepts with interactive visual models. Visit Interactive Physics for Maths Mechanics

Computational Chemistry - Providing Leading Molecular Modelling and Quantum Chemistry Software

Spartan is a leading computational chemistry and molecular modelling software tool for University and Professional Chemists. It combines powerful features and excellent performance with an intuitive graphical interface - that makes it easy to learn and use. Visit Computational Chemistry for Spartan Software